Dzao women, Sapa, Vietnam

When you go out  in Sapa, for a walk, you get surrounded by many women in a few seconds trying to sell all kind of things: scarfs, fabric, jewelry, bags… And they always follow the same steps: “hello madame”, “what’s your name?”, “Have you got any children?”….. etc. They follow you in your way trying to start a talk and then offer their products…

This five women followed me in a walk and after buying them some handbags, I asked them for some portraits. They are Dzao ethnic group women and they are distingüished by their red headdresses. When taking the pictures, they were happy to pose for the portrait and after that, watching them in my camera… All of them except one…. the last one. When I asked her for her portrait, she said to me “but… I am old”…
She was around 40, no more, but she was feeling quite old to take a picture of her…..

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